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Customized Web Solutions:
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The website management systems (CMS or newspaper CMS) we work with for newspaper web design have the flexibility for your newsroom, advertising department, and circulation departments to have a website that works together seamlessly: posting news, taking subscriptions, and submitting / tracking ads. Our sites are designed to work within your business plan. With a background in technology, the new industry and efficiency, Surf New Media offers complete web development at a fraction of the cost of the competitors. More Information

International Newspaper Web Development; Paywall & Ad Models

Surf New Media is an international newspaper web development firm building dynamic, Drupal-powered, open source newspaper content management systems for the news industry, while allowing for community and readership interaction. Going beyond the traditional and into the next generation of news portals, we provide web-based solutions for all newspapers from small-town weeklies to daily regional and metro papers. We are cross-platform developers, able to bring your website to computers, tablets and mobile devices seamlessly.

We are prepared to model a website around your newspaper business plan, whether you are putting full content of your publication online or creating a paid subscription service. We offer options for partial paid content, fully paid content, per article charges or a combination of all avenues. We are ready to meet the future of online news. It is now up to your newspaper to take that first step.

Working with newspapers throughout the United States and abroad, our team can help bring your print product to the Internet painlessly and professionally - we also offer cutting-edge technology to update and expand existing websites. Specifically programmed sites will allow you to easily manage your news, advertising and community-generated content from any computer, tablet or mobile device in the world.

In addition, we have made great effort to make the administration of these sites as easy to use as constructing an e-mail with a photo attached. Everything is programmed in plain, easy to understand wording.

Moreover, our specialized content management system is open source using the Drupal CMS, which we configured for newspapers, which will allow you to easily create user interactivity throughout your site, bringing it on par with national and international news sources.

With more than three decades of combined experience in the newspaper industry, our team specializes in bringing newspapers to the forefront of web-based media. We have created a large international client portfolio, including national, metro, regional and weekly new publication. Our projects are not limited to newspapers, as we have also worked on magazines and smaller publications.

Surf New Media's main background comes from the newspaper industry. Our programmers have many years combined experience working at and for newspapers. Owner, John Sokolich, started his career as a reporter, worked in advertising and soon after became a consultant for newspapers working in web design and programming. (Please see biography page for full resume).

When you chose our firm to create, modify or consult with your newspaper, you are not only getting a team that understands the newspaper industry, but a group of people who are passionate about a newspaper's survival. Keeping abreast of latest media trends, we are constantly looking for ways to help newspapers to survive and grow online. We believe that the web and print editions can work hand-in-hand to become stronger than ever before.

Please take the time to browse through this site for information, and please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail at any time to talk about your newspaper's needs. There is no obligation, and we are here to help.